Furniture Care

Wood and veneer

  • Water is only to be used in small doses and only in the form of a damp cloth.
  • After wiping, always use a dry cloth to wipe up the dampness.
  • Wood and veneer are very sensitive to liquids. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately.
  • Do not keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface.
  • Dusting with a dry cloth can scratch, so lightly spritz your cleaning cloth with water, a spray dusting agent or wood polish.
  • Follow the grain of the wood as you dust to avoid cross-grain scratches.
  • Frequent dusting removes dirt before it has a chance to settle in and make itself at home. Dusting often keeps an oily buildup from forming on wood furniture.


Protect fabric from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
If vaccume cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface.



  • Both polished and especially satin finish glass should be cleaned using an ordinary household cleaner, preferably containing citric acid and/or vinegar. Do not use cream cleaners.
  • Do not place anything on the glass that has rough and sharp bases as they will damage the glass.
  • Glass usually has a shiny appeal to it. It seems to glow when you look at it. To maintain this look, the glass has to be kept clean at all times.
  • Glass shows dust and fingerprint marks easily. This means that if it is not clean, you can easily see it and clean it.
  • To have a clean table top, use the appropriate glass cleaning solution and soft paper towels. Never use abrasive materials as they may cause scratches on the surface.
  • Do not keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface Eg Hot Pad, Hot dish, Tawa


  • Protect leather from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent colour fading.
  • For general cleaning only use a dry soft cloth to clear the superficial dirt.
  • If vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface.
  • We recommend using Leather Cleaner for cleaning the sofa/chair 2-3 times a year removal is done with a common cleaning detergent and in certain cases white spirit.
  • If necessary, wipe or lightly rub the whole surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water.



  • To protect your furniture from fading, avoid keeping your furniture next to windows where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • For general cleaning only use a dry soft cloth.
  • Avoid placing items like burning candles or irons on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture etc.
  • Cleaning your furniture items regularly will help you maintain for a long period of time, make sure that you clean your furniture with a soft damp cloth.
  • In case of a spill on the furniture, never try to wipe it as it will spread the spill and hamper the polish, instead just blot the spill.